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Have you ever lost your luggage?

Losing your luggage can be a very annoying experience. When you are on the go and you face a situation where your belongings are missing, you just want to retrieve them as quickly as possible.

With Flugg, we offer you a very clever and effective solution to increase the possibilities of recovering your luggage and other objects you may lose wherever you are in the world.

Flugg, the perfect companion for your luggage... and other stuff

Flugg Tags can be used alongside any belonging, in particular your travel luggage. In case the object you have associated the Flugg tag is lost, anyone that finds it can access the information included in your Flugg tag using a QR code reader app available for almost all Smartphones, and get in touch with you.

Update the information anytime, anywhere

As the QR Code in your Flugg tag is dynamic, you can access your private area at any moment and update your information. You may also use the Flugg mobile app to update your Flugg tag on the go.

Security is guaranteed

With Flugg you have the power to decide if your information may be displayed when someone scans your Flugg tag. This is accomplished by locking or unlocking your tag using a dedicated button on your account’s private area.

Using Flugg is simple

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